This afternnon, we melted chocolate to make rice krispie cakes.

What would you like to cook?

Sponsored skip

Today we completed our sponsored skip.

How many skips did you manage to do?

Melting Points

Today we looked at how materials change state when they are heated or cooled. For our science experients we used different temperatures of water to see how long it took to melt chocolate.

What did you find out from the experiment?


Today we looked at feelings. In groups we role played scenerios where others had to guess what feeling we were acting out.


Can you name any more feelings?

Comparing gases

Today in science class 5 measured gases. They weighed sparkling water with bubbles, they then had to try there best to remove all the bubbles and measure it again.

What happend the second time you weighed it?

Fantastic Mr Fox

Today in literacy class 5 read chapters from the story Fantastic Mr Fox. They then created questions to ask the characters. After they had thought of questions they swapped books with a partner to answer them.

What questions did you ask Mr Fox?


This afternoon class 5 have looked at properties of materials. They have had to sort, group ans compare materials into solid, liquid or gas.

Can you name a liquid?


Today in literacy, we have all written a poem. We had a choice of topics to write about, which included: friendships, electricity, safe and happy or world war 2.

What was your poem about?



Today in PSHE, we have written a receipe for friendship.

What do you think is important for a friendship?


Today we looked at coding, using the app scratch we had to make our character follow directions.

What did you make your character do?