Collecting Data

In Class 5 today, we have been collecting data!

We researched the temperature in Telford and compared it to the temperature in Cairo.

We were able to collect and analyse our data.

Do you know the difference in temperature from Cairo to Telford?

Setting goals!

In Class 5 today we looked at setting goals.

We each set goals for ourselves, we looked at setting educational and social goals.

We discussed as a class, the things we would like to achieve.

Do you have any goals you have set this year?


Today we learnt how to greet each other in French.

We formally shook hands and said Bonjour!

We waved at each other across the class and said Salut!

How do you greet each other at the end of the day?


Playground Games




In Class 5 today we planted parsley, mint and coriander.

This begins our work with Plant, Grow, Cook, Eat.


The ingredients we have planted we will use when we cook our Egyptian snacks in the following weeks.

Have you planted any herbs at home?




In Art/DT we made salt dough tiles.

On our tiles we wrote in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Firstly, we designed our tiles in our books then created our designs in the salt dough.

We used our initials as our hieroglyphics on the tiles.

Can you write your initials in hieroglyphics?

Welcome Class 5

Today we welcomed everyone back from the six weeks holidays!

It was great to see so many projects!

They were all wonderful and perfect for our Ancient Egypt topic this term.

Do you know any interesting facts about Egypt?

Growing Plants

Today in class we have been looking at what plants need to be able to grow. We found that they need water, air (carbon dioxide), nutrients and sunlight. We will be experimenting this week to see if we can grow a plant using 5 different methods. We have placed a seed in 5 different paper cups and each one has such either soil, cotton pad, paper towel, foil and also one empty cup. We are looking forward to seeing the results!

Have you tried growing vegetable plants?

Writing An Important Letter

Today in class we have been writing an important letter to either Queen Elizabeth or the Prime Minister Theresa May about deforestation in the Amazon Forest. In our letters we have explained the facts such as, every minute a forest the size of 20 football fields are being chopped down. We hope our letters will help change things for the better, and save our rainforests.

What can you do to help save our rainforests?



This morning in our maths lesson we looked at measuring in mm, cm and meters. We found various items round the room to measure. This included measuring our work book, table and pencil.

Have you measured how tall you are in cm, mm and meters?