Class 5 have been extremely active practising our cricket bowling. We made sure our hand pointed towards the stumps and we kept our arm straight as we released the ball.

Can you spot the ball?


Today we have started to look at what makes a good photograph. We looked at photos of the rainforest and discussed the angle, focus and perspective of the photographs. Next, we had a go at taking photos using perpespective to change the size of different objects. We are going to continue this throughout the term.

Story planning

In literacy today we have been planning an adventure story using a story mountain. We did this in groups and used the Maya story of the Hero Twins as an example that we could change.

Do do you know the Hero Twins story?


Shropshire Salumi.

Today we were visited by Will from Shropshire Salumi. He taught us about how he designs and creates new Salumi products. We used a mixture of salt, pepper, chilli, oregano and rosemary to make our own delicious pork patties.

Which flavours would you choose?

Understanding feelings

In our topic work today we have been talking about our feelings. We have been discussing synonyms for adjectives such as horrified, miserable and excited. We made a keynote presentation of these synonyms with pictures showing our facial expressions.

Can you think of a synonym for delighted?


In our science today we have been exploring echolocation. We discussed how bats use echolocation to catch their prey. We watched the waves ripple on the surface of water and compared them to sound waves. Finally, we played a game of Marco Polo to show how sounds bounce back off objects.

Can you think of any other animals that use echolocation?


Fractions of amounts.

Today we used multiplication and division skills to find fractions of amounts. We followed the rule:

Divide by the denominator then times by the numerator.

Can you find two-fifths of 20?

Viking gods.

We have been learning about the Viking gods and goddesses. We made Top Trumps cards and gave our gods scores. We could not go over 150 with our scores so we had to use our maths to add and subtract.

How many Viking gods do you know?

Writing reports

Today we have read a school report for Beowulf and used the features to write our own. We thought about what we have achieved this year as well as our targets for the rest of year 3 and 4.

Do you know your targets?

Oaty Apple Crumble

We have been very busy this morning making an apple crumble from the school menu. We used apple, apricot, oats, butter, brown sugar and wholemeal flour and used lots of maths skills to measure, share and calculate amounts. We also had to communicate and follow instructions carefully.

What is your favourite pudding?