Plant Sale

Today class 5 got the chance to buy the plants that we have been growing wombridge primary. All money raised goes to charity.

What plant did you buy?


This afternoon class 5 did some planting. They planted lots of different variety’s of plants.

Whats your favourite plant?


Today in literacy class 5 looked ar calligrams. They wrote poems about the shape that they had created.

What did you write about?

Measuring in ML

Today in maths, class 5 went outside to meaure 50ml of water in different containers. They looked at how different containers make the same amount look different.

How many ml in one litre?


Today was the whole school throwing and high jump competition. All of class 5 did very well.  A special well done to Jensen who was the ks2 throwing winner and Sophie who was the year 3/4 high jump champion.

How far did you reach in throwing?

Sports Day

Well done to everyone that participated in sports day today.


What was your favourite race?

Recording and comparing time

In maths, class 5 timed themselves individually racing. They then inputed everyones data to make graphs.

What graph did you use?

Summarising Text

Today in literacy, class 5 looked at summarising text. They looked at a piece of text about astronaut Tim Peake. From there they took notes and then wrote a paragraph using the notes they had taken.

Why  do we need to summarise?


Today we tested the bridges that we have have been making the past few weeks.  The aim of the bridges was to hold a plastic bottle. We found the bridges that were made in a triangle shape held the weight best.

Did your bridge hold the plastic bottle?

Non chronological report

Today in Literacy, class wrote a non chronological report about a animal they had created. They used their planning from yesterday to make sure they included  all the features that were needed.

Tell me about the animal you have created?