Today we each planted a bulb to watch grow.

How long do you think they will take to grow?


Today we looked at the importance of having a skeleton.

What does the skeleton do?

Operation Christmas Child

Today all the pupils at Wombridge Primary filled the boxes that they had wrapped for Operation Christmas Child.

What did you put in your box?


Today we have started looking at fractions.

Tell me what you know already about fractions?


This afternoon in topic we made Taamia Falafals, after cooking them all we had the chance to taste them.

What ingredients did we use?


Today in PSHE we worked together in groups to decide what we thought was appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. We then discussed how this has an impact on individuals.

What is appropriate behaviour?


Lavender Pouches

Today we me lavender pouches. They were a little trick so we all helped each other to tie the string.

What is lavender used for?


Today we made and tasted mint and chamomile tea.

Which one did you prefer?


Today we visited the greenhouse. We saw all of the herbs that have been growing. Using all the information that we have found out about herbs we made a presentation in small groups using the Ipads.

What herbs are growing in the greenhouse?


Today in French, class 5 completed multiplications in French.

Can you remember any French numbers?