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Sowing vegetables.

In Class 5 today we have been planting out our cabbage and onions. We also sowed the leeks and parsnips that we are going to grow. We hope that we can harvest these vegetables and use them as part of the school menu. What is your favourite vegetable?


The crucifixion of Jesus.

Today we learnt about what happened in the build up to Jesus’ crucifixion. We acted as Roman soldiers, searching for Jesus. We designed a wanted poster with the charges brought against him.

Volume and capacity.

In Class 5 today we have been reading scales and identifying volumes of different liquids. We worked out how much each mark on the jug represented by using division. We used real examples to see how much liquid different containers held. Do you know how much liquid an egg cup holds?

Water filtration

Today we have been looking at a Big Kindness in our Science. We have been researching the number of people around the world without clean water. As a result, we have made our own water filters to test and see if we can help the millions of people without access to clean water? We used different cloths, charcoal and stones in our filters.

What at would you use in your filter?

Career aspirations

Today in Class 5 we discussed the jobs we think we would like to do when we are older. We talked about why it is important to try our best in Literacy and Maths so that we can aspire to have the best job possible. We collected data on the jobs we would like to have in the future.


To Use And Correctly Punctuate Dialogue

This morning in literacy , we looked at different extracts of direct speech and identifyed where the adverted commas and other punctuation belongs. Some of us acted out part of the Beowulf story. While others used images to help us write direct speech about Beowulf.

Have you read the Beowulf story?

Verb Tenses

This morning in Literacy , we were reading through the two opening paragraphs to Beowulf, identifying the verbs. After that we were changing the verbs to present and future tenses.

Can you think of a verb?


Today we made vegetable and bean burritos. We loved the taste and the texture. We used mixed beans with spices such as paprika and cumin. 21 out of 24 of us said we would like to eat them again. What do you like in your wrap?



This afternoon in PE we practiced balancing the ball on the tennis racket and in partners we practiced throwing and hitting.Ball control, different types of swings using forehand swing and back hand .

What sports do you play?

Multiplication problems

This morning we recited our times ables and used our knowledge to solve multiplication problems, recognising that inverse is within the questions.  We can now notice links between multiplication and division and use it to solve problems.

How do you solve problems?