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Farm trip

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Class 5 enjoyed visiting Farmer Rob at his farm today. We found out about his cattle and how he uses renewable energy to help to power his farm. Farmer Rob was very impressed with our good questioning. We investigated which … Continue reading

World book day

Class 5 enjoyed bringing in their favourite books to share with each other during world book day.

What is your favourite book to read?

Fire Safety Service

This afternoon Year 3 had a visit from the Fire Safety Service where they learnt about how to keep safe in a fire and also how to prevent fire risks.

How often should fire alarms in the house be checked?


Today we have been learning to pass overhead and bounce pass. Which pass would you use if your opponent was standing in front of you?


Science investigation

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Today we investigated which fizzy drink had the most carbon dioxide in it. To keep it a fair test we used the same amount of fizzy drink, stirred it the same amount of times and weighed them on the same … Continue reading


Story settings

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Today class 5 explored creating their own fantasy setting using the outside environment. We went on to describe them using the 5 senses, similes and metaphors. Can you imagine the characters who would live in these settings?



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In History today we have been learning about trains through art work. We looked carefully at the features we could see and what the artist was trying to tell us about life on the railways in the past. Do you … Continue reading



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Class 5 have been using the play script and the song words for this years play in their learning. We retrieved some answers from the text. How many questions would you have answered correctly?

Whole school performance

Children in Class 5 rated their experience in taking part in the School Play out of 5 stars.

We thought about how it made us feel after our performance. Some of the words used to describe our feelings were ‘confident’, ‘happy’ and ‘proud’.

How did you feel after taking part in the play?