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Safer internet day

After having an assembly about keeping safe online and reminding ourselves of what we can do if we don’t feel safe when online, class 5 looked at what information and objects we would share in real life. We then compared this to online and like it says in our e-safety video ‘No way real life, no way online’.

How do you keep yourself safe and happy when online?



This afternoon we been investigating switches. In groups we made 4 different switches to look at which kind of switch would be the quickest to break and reconnect again. Was your prediction correct?



This afternoon we have been learning how a switch works. We know for a switch to work we need a complete circuit and that a switch puts a break in the circuit when not switched on. How many different switches … Continue reading


Chinese New Year

This afternoon we have been thinking about Chinese New Year which is on Saturday 25th January. We listened to the Chinese New Year story to see the order of the years. We also found out how Chinese New Year is … Continue reading


This afternoon we have been creating a program to run alongside a railway system, this links with our topic this term of railways.

We first had to design a railway system before we could program our train to run alongside it.

Why type of coding did you use?


Today we began animating Little Red Robin Hood. To decide which part to animate we chose some character dialogue and turned it into direct speech. We then used this to create a sentence using adverbials of time, reason, manner and place which helped us to know which scene and characters we would need in our animation.

What do you need to remember when writing direct speech?


This afternoon we have been testing out our codes to see if they run how we expected.

Some of us had to debug our codes. What do you do when you debug code?



This afternoon we have been learning to use block coding. We have worked together to solve how to move a character around a platform. We have communicated well and had to debug any incorrect codes to be successful. What do … Continue reading

Career aspirations

Today in Class 5 we discussed the jobs we think we would like to do when we are older. We talked about why it is important to try our best in Literacy and Maths so that we can aspire to have the best job possible. We collected data on the jobs we would like to have in the future.



This afternoon class 5 looked again at the unforgiving servant story. In groups of 3 they created a storyboard. They then transferred their storyboard on to the app ainimate it.

What did you include in your storyboard?