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This afternoon we have been learning to dribble with a basketball. Why do we need to know how to dribble backwards?

Safer internet day

After having an assembly about keeping safe online and reminding ourselves of what we can do if we don’t feel safe when online, class 5 looked at what information and objects we would share in real life. We then compared this to online and like it says in our e-safety video ‘No way real life, no way online’.

How do you keep yourself safe and happy when online?



This afternoon we been investigating switches. In groups we made 4 different switches to look at which kind of switch would be the quickest to break and reconnect again. Was your prediction correct?


Today we worked on groups to create and program a device to relocate people in a safe way. We decided on a helicopter and begun to work together to code the program marketing sure to debug as we went along.

What could we make next time to complete the brief?



This afternoon we have been looking at rail geography and identifying how far stations are from one another in the UK. This enabled us to use our estimating skills as well as converting between minutes and hours. How many minutes … Continue reading



This afternoon we have been exploring texture in music. We worked together to begin to create a railway shanty to be sung over our railways sounds created last week. Why was it important that people who worked on railways worked … Continue reading



This afternoon we made bread. We know bread is a food used in many different cultures. Can you name some different types of bread?



Class 5 were excited to take home their daffodils that they planted last term and have been looking after in the greenhouse. How do you look after daffodils?



This afternoon we have been learning how a switch works. We know for a switch to work we need a complete circuit and that a switch puts a break in the circuit when not switched on. How many different switches … Continue reading


This afternoon we planted some more herbs, thyme and rosemary. We also planted some lettuce and tomatoes.

What can we cook using these ingredients?