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Class 5 have enjoyed exploring a new coding app. We have began creating simple programmes to make something happen. We have used a motor, infra red sensor and a tilt sensor.

Did your code work as planned?


In our learning today, Class 5 looked at the types of soil and structure of soil in farming.

Children in Class 5 researches information and were able to complete the questions correctly

Do you know the four types of soil?


In Class 5 today we took part in Dodgeball.

We split into four teams and all got to play each other.

We all listened to the rules and had great fun!

Have you playe dodgeball before?

Half Term!

After our half term it was great to see so many faces back in Class 5 today!

This week we are going to be looking at Remembrance.

Have you got a poppy to wear?

Ancient Egypt Farming

Today in class 5 we have been learning about what type of food was grown in Egyptian farms. We found that they grew wheat, barley, figs, melon, corn and many other fruit and vegetables. We also discovered that like the Egyptians, a farm in Shropshire grow corn in a town called Whitchurch.

Have you gone to visit a farm in Shropshire?




Today our class went to the school library. We had lots of wonderful books to choose from.

What is your favourite book?

Egyptian Maze

Today our class did coding used Spheros and were able to guide it round an Egyptian maze. It was interesting to see how close we were to making out of the maze.

Have you ever been through a maze?


Pedestrian training

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Today we learnt how to cross roads safely. We did this by learning about where to stand to cross the road, where the safest place to cross roads is and how to check before crossing. We designed posters and took … Continue reading


Cooking with Will

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Today Year 3 worked with Will to make patties using ingredients Will uses when making salami. In groups children decided which spices they wanted to go into their patties. Smoked paprika was a very popular choice! Which herbs and spices … Continue reading


Soil retention

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As part of our Farming Award, we have looked at how much water different types of soil retain. We used meadow soil, sandy soil, chalky soil and clay soil. We put the soil on filter paper in a funnel and … Continue reading