Egyptian Maze

Today our class did coding used Spheros and were able to guide it round an Egyptian maze. It was interesting to see how close we were to making out of the maze.

Have you ever been through a maze?


Pedestrian training

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Today we learnt how to cross roads safely. We did this by learning about where to stand to cross the road, where the safest place to cross roads is and how to check before crossing. We designed posters and took … Continue reading


Cooking with Will

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Today Year 3 worked with Will to make patties using ingredients Will uses when making salami. In groups children decided which spices they wanted to go into their patties. Smoked paprika was a very popular choice! Which herbs and spices … Continue reading


Soil retention

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As part of our Farming Award, we have looked at how much water different types of soil retain. We used meadow soil, sandy soil, chalky soil and clay soil. We put the soil on filter paper in a funnel and … Continue reading


Trip to the Farm

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    Class 5 have had a very busy day at the farm today. We have had lots of fun: collecting natural materials to create boats; testing the PH level of different soil; collecting moisture data of different soil and … Continue reading

Operation Christmas Child

Today class 5 joined in with the whole school to raise money for Operation Christmas Child through a Book character day. Class 5 dressed up as characters from our class author Terry Deary. What great effort and thought went into costumes!

What facts do you know about our class author Terry Deary?

Science enquiry

The results are in, we have taken the eggs out of their liquid of water, milk, tea and vinegar.

Was your prediction correct? What do you notice about the egg in vinegar?



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Class 5 enjoyed making their Egyptian flat breads and tasting them with the hummus they made. There were plenty of hands up for seconds! What do you enjoy the most about cooking?

Tag Rugby

In tag rugby this week, we have been practising throwing.

Where should the person you are throwing to be?


In Class 5 today we completed our first observation in our Science enquiry.

We are testing the effects of liquids on teeth.

We observed how there was no change to the egg in the water, but the tea is starting to stain the colour of the egg and changing the colour.

Can you make a prediction for what might happen next?