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This afternoon in PE we practiced balancing the ball on the tennis racket and in partners we practiced throwing and hitting.Ball control, different types of swings using forehand swing and back hand .

What sports do you play?


This afternoon we had a PE session , as a warm up we did skipping. This got us warm and ready…Then we went on to learn how to hold and use a hockey stick. Trying to understand the game and how it works. We got into teams and had a match. It was good fun!!

Sponsored Run

This afternoon everyone did a big run around the school to raise money for Operation Christmas Child, as we support them every year. We had so much fun!





Today in PE we started by doing a starter to get ourselves warmed up,  by playing tag. We them started passing the ball to one another, seeing if we could keep it between us and learning the basic skills. Finally we had a match , it was so much fun!