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Verb Tenses

This morning in Literacy , we were reading through the two opening paragraphs to Beowulf, identifying the verbs. After that we were changing the verbs to present and future tenses.

Can you think of a verb?

Planning My Kenning

This morning in Literacy, we had to use alternative nouns for an object and then use adjectives to help describe the object so that we could combine them into a kenning. We had four objects to describe: a sword, shield, dragon head and axe. How would you describe these objects?

Viking Poems

This morning in Literacy, we started off by changing present tense into past tense. We then read through two poems, identifying rhyming couplets. After we chose a sound from phase 5 and made our own rhyming couplets, transferring then into a Viking poem.

What sound would you have chosen?

Ordering The Main Points in a Recount.

This morning in literacy we were choosing the main points from the Viking recount. We ordered the recount from start to finish, including time connectives and most importantly making sure we used paragraphs.

Writing A Viking Diary

This morning in Literacy we watched and listened careful to a story about a Viking. We had to write a diary entry on what would happen next in the story. We made sure we were writing in the future tense, using adverbial, adjectives and time connections. What do you think will happen next?

Viking Projects

Today we brought in our viking projects we had worked on over the holidays. Some of us brought axes, ships, weapons and some created fact files on the vikings. We showed our projects to the class. We then followed it into our Literacy lesson where we retold a viking story, using nouns and adjectives.

Reading Instructional Texts

This morning in Literacy we were identifying imperative verbs in our instruction text. We also identified the time connection which helped us notice the order and adverbs. We followed the instructions to produce our very own paper snowflake.

War And Peas

Today in Literacy we read through the story War And Peas. We answered a variety of comprehension question on the book. We described the main character, thought about where the story was set, all different interesting facts. Have you read this book?


Today in Literacy we were reading through play scripts. We focused on Goldilocks and the three bears.  We got into groups and decided between ourselves who was going to be which character.  We read through our lines and started acting out the scene of the story, changing our voices to suit our characters. It was so good!!

Farm Trip!!

Today we spend the day at Farmer Derek’s farm. We explored the grounds of the farm, making sure we used our five senses to relate it to our literacy. We recoded these by using out extended noun phrases. We then went searching for stones and stick so we can make our Stone Age tools. We had an amazing day!