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To Measure Forces

This afternoon in Science we were learning all about forces, there are two main types of forces, push and pull. We had to figure out which direction you would go for pull and which one for push.We went outside and used different materials so we could figure out the different forces and how they work.


Viking Projects

Today we brought in our viking projects we had worked on over the holidays. Some of us brought axes, ships, weapons and some created fact files on the vikings. We showed our projects to the class. We then followed it into our Literacy lesson where we retold a viking story, using nouns and adjectives.

Making Victorian Puppets

Our topic this term is Victorians. Yesterday, as part of our Art, we made victorian puppets. We are going to use these puppets in a play and are looking forward to writing our scripts for this!

Our rights

In history we have been learning about Victorians. We have learned all about Lord Shaftesbury and how poorly victorian children were treated and the long hours they had to work. We then looked at children’s rights today and were really interested to see the differences!

Welcome back!

We’ve had a fantastic first week back and have settled in our new class well. Our topic for this term is flight. Can you share 3 things you know about flight?