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This afternoon we had a PE session , as a warm up we did skipping. This got us warm and ready…Then we went on to learn how to hold and use a hockey stick. Trying to understand the game and how it works. We got into teams and had a match. It was good fun!!

To Measure Forces

This afternoon in Science we were learning all about forces, there are two main types of forces, push and pull. We had to figure out which direction you would go for pull and which one for push.We went outside and used different materials so we could figure out the different forces and how they work.


Viking Projects

Today we brought in our viking projects we had worked on over the holidays. Some of us brought axes, ships, weapons and some created fact files on the vikings. We showed our projects to the class. We then followed it into our Literacy lesson where we retold a viking story, using nouns and adjectives.

Dress Rehearsal

This morning we had a dress rehearsal for our Christmas play. Practising singing nice and loud, remembering all our actions and when to come in. We can’t wait to perform it to our parents tonight.

Reading Instructional Texts

This morning in Literacy we were identifying imperative verbs in our instruction text. We also identified the time connection which helped us notice the order and adverbs. We followed the instructions to produce our very own paper snowflake.

Designing Our Own Keynote

This afternoon we were designing and creating our own keynotes using iPads , we included titles, text and images. We made sure we included interesting facts and amazing pictures, understanding how to crop them and edit the text. What do you think our keynotes were about?

Roman Numerals

Today in maths, we identified what I, V and X means in Roman Numerals. We practiced writing, identifying and ordering them. We used addition when adding them together. Do you know what a Roman Numeral is?

War And Peas

Today in Literacy we read through the story War And Peas. We answered a variety of comprehension question on the book. We described the main character, thought about where the story was set, all different interesting facts. Have you read this book?

Word Problems

Today in Maths we were given different word problems to complete, we remembered to underline the important information. Then we had to work out  if the question was subtract or add. We used the column method to figure out the answers.


Today in Literacy we were reading through play scripts. We focused on Goldilocks and the three bears.  We got into groups and decided between ourselves who was going to be which character.  We read through our lines and started acting out the scene of the story, changing our voices to suit our characters. It was so good!!