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To Use And Correctly Punctuate Dialogue

This morning in literacy , we looked at different extracts of direct speech and identifyed where the adverted commas and other punctuation belongs. Some of us acted out part of the Beowulf story. While others used images to help us write direct speech about Beowulf.

Have you read the Beowulf story?

Verb Tenses

This morning in Literacy , we were reading through the two opening paragraphs to Beowulf, identifying the verbs. After that we were changing the verbs to present and future tenses.

Can you think of a verb?


This afternoon in PE we practiced balancing the ball on the tennis racket and in partners we practiced throwing and hitting.Ball control, different types of swings using forehand swing and back hand .

What sports do you play?

Multiplication problems

This morning we recited our times ables and used our knowledge to solve multiplication problems, recognising that inverse is within the questions.  We can now notice links between multiplication and division and use it to solve problems.

How do you solve problems?

Planning My Kenning

This morning in Literacy, we had to use alternative nouns for an object and then use adjectives to help describe the object so that we could combine them into a kenning. We had four objects to describe: a sword, shield, dragon head and axe. How would you describe these objects?

Viking shields

Today we have been researching Viking longboats and shields. We evaluated the good points of the longships and designed our own shield, thinking about the groups we are part of and how we could show them using emblems. 

Viking Poems

This morning in Literacy, we started off by changing present tense into past tense. We then read through two poems, identifying rhyming couplets. After we chose a sound from phase 5 and made our own rhyming couplets, transferring then into a Viking poem.

What sound would you have chosen?

Add And Subtract Amounts Of Money

This morning in Maths we learnt how to convert amounts of money. We can now convert pence into £ showing decimal notations. Also we have to make sure we place the decimal point in the correct place. We can now add with decimals.

Ordering The Main Points in a Recount.

This morning in literacy we were choosing the main points from the Viking recount. We ordered the recount from start to finish, including time connectives and most importantly making sure we used paragraphs.

Writing A Viking Diary

This morning in Literacy we watched and listened careful to a story about a Viking. We had to write a diary entry on what would happen next in the story. We made sure we were writing in the future tense, using adverbial, adjectives and time connections. What do you think will happen next?